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Our Quality Assurance Framework

The LearnLight Quality Assurance Framework sets forth the quality assurance process and methodology for teachers.

The Quality Assurance Process is a broad-based approach taken to assess LearnLight teachers.

The Quality Assurance Methodology highlights the specific steps taken to address quality issues before, during and after every course.

This document lays out both assurance processes to form the Learn Light Quality Assurance Framework.

Quality Assurance

LearnLight prides itself in ensuring quality in all materials and teachers delivering these materials to potential learners. All learners should benefit from courses attended and LearnLight is keen to ensure a 100% course satisfaction rate.

There are two elements of the Quality Assurance Framework: the Quality Assurance Process and the Quality Assurance Methodology.

Quality Assurance Process

The Quality Assurance Process outlines the steps taken to ensure:

  1. Quality of teachers
  2. Quality of materials
  3. Learner satisfaction
1. Quality of Teachers

The quality of teachers will be established and maintained through a detailed vetting process before they are engaged. Teachers will be assessed based on:

  • Academic qualifications
  • Professional work experience
  • Enthusiasm and willingness to coach others

The Learn Light team conducts preliminary interviews with teachers based on the abovementioned criteria. The team places highly emphasizes the importance of these criteria, and has the discretion to reject any teacher deemed unfit.

2. QUALITY OF Course Materials

Review of course materials will take place before and after each course conducted. The quality assurance process for course materials is as follows:

  1. Before the course: Review of materials by competent person and fact checking of materials presented to ensure materials taught are comprehensive
  2. Post course: Continuous refreshment of material through periodic course material audits
3. Learner Satisfaction

The last element of the Quality Assurance Process involves ensuring learner satisfaction. The assurance process is as follows:

  1. Ensuring all course materials are relevant to learners at all times
  2. Staying close to the industry to maintain relevance

Quality Assurance Methodology

The Quality Assurance Methodology seeks to evaluate courses on a per-course basis. This will ensure every course is useful for learners. The Methodology involves audits pre-course, during the course and post course.

  1. Pre-course: Vetting of instructors course materials
  2. During the course: Learnings will have communication access to the LearnLight team via instant messaging services
  3. Post course: Student evaluation. LearnLight will also hold payment from instructors till the completion of the course

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